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Historically, manufacturers always relied on their reseller channels and traditional print/off-site media advertising of the events. However, the resent studies show a solid growth of internet-based search for

This is where the patients are

  • Online accounts for 33% of U.S. media consumption
  • The web is relied upon by all ages
    1. 85% of 30-50 and 51% of 65-75
    2. 8% of social media users 65+ (same % as teens)

This is how they make decisions

  • 75% of internet users research health online
  • 12% of user will visit a health site today
  • 75% of user with chronic condition said online research influenced their treatment decision

Digital media offers compelling advantages

  • Able to Target, Engage and Interact
  • Measurable, Affordable, Accountable.



Our Health Care Marketing experience affords valuable insights
How consumers and doctors research health information
Which media outlets work at each stage of the decision cycle?
How to maximize conversion rates and minimize costs from:

  • Search engines
  • Social Media
  • Online health info publishers
  • Display ad networks
  • 3rd party email list owners

Optimizing post-lead conversion
Measuring impact
Quantifying ROI