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Historically, manufacturers always relied on their reseller channels and traditional print/off-site media advertising of the events. However, the resent studies show a solid growth of internet-based search for

Build a business, not a website

Our philosophy is “Build a business, not a website”. An Ecommerce website is a business first and foremost, the website is merely the commerce delivery channel. An effective ecommerce site begins by understanding and defining the business strategy, goals and metrics for the site, and then crafting a website that is tailored to meet those site objectives.


Achieve real economic benefits for your business

A successful ecommerce business that delivers real economic value, including
1. Weak or inconsistent branding
2. Shopping cart abandonment
3. Bad user experience and usability
4. Poor navigation
5. Slow performance
6. Slow or limited site search
7. Inability to make changes quickly
8. Poor performance with search engines

What we do?

We approach your ecommerce site requirements by a professional software development lifecycle and real experience fromecommerce website everyday operation.The advices and services from us are valuable, comprehensive and flexible.